First attempt at resin casting.

Never worked with resin before. So I knew the first ring (the Red Robin one) would turn out shoddy. Lookie at my mistakes. A walkthrough.

After making a cast of the wax version, I mixed a lot of resin (and wasted a lot) and poured it into the mold. Very impatient for the next couple of hours.

Comparison between the wax one and the resin one. However, I took out the resin one much too early and I probably didn’t have the right mixture with the catalyst. Ring is flimsy, so I went to sleep to see whether it would harden overnight. Learning experience.

Next day. Ring has hardened. Cut off sprues and smoothed out areas. Didn’t sand it enough.

Filled in bubbles/hollow areas with epoxy. Don’t know how to fix that during casting without a pressure can.

Painting. Used whatever paints I had on hand because I didn’t want to spend more money. Good thing I have a lot of paint. See the lumps from not enough sanding?


Polyurethaned. Drying.

So yea, my first attempt. That was more work than I thought it would be. I’m actually doing my second one right now, with a different ratio mixture, and it’s hardening faster. I’ll sand it more if it turns out bumpy, and I probably need to widen the inside because of all the layers. This is supposed to be an approx. size 7 ring, but I think it got smaller. It looks good for a first time. If I make one that looks perfect, I’ll post it. =P
Also wondering whether I should make the mold for the Legion ring, which will probably come out better due to a less complex design. Wondering, b/c silicone is costly and I don’t want to waste it. Hm.

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